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Covid-19 and Natural Disasters

In recent times Australian business has been dealt a double blow with floods and extreme weather conditions along with the global COVID-19 pandemic, causing damage to their physical business as well as loss of sales due to downtime while making repairs or transitioning to work from home.

While CDN Solutions can’t control mother nature, we were able to assist our clever customers by giving them the tools to carry on receiving their important business communications away from the reconstruction of their business.

Nascomms (Powered by CDN) Call Routing provides a simple and cost-effective method to redirect calls to mobile phones and landlines away from the disruptions that caused to business and to facilitate a distributed office.


Digital Marketing – Real Estate

Michelle is a keen real estate agent working for a small agency. Using her Nascomms GeoCalling Numbers provided by CDN Solutions, combined with her CallTracking account, she has seen figures “…that let me know advertising budget is getting maximum value for money.”

Michelle has recently cut her advertising budget in half by focusing on the market areas that responded energetically to the positioning of her advertising.

“Without CallTracking I would never have known who was seeing my advertising or where the most number of eyes were.”

Michelle applies GeoCalling numbers to each of her ad sources she then directs her calls to her mobile while out of the office and to her desk when available. Using Nascomms (powered by CDN Solutions) reposting system, she views a report which tells her which numbers are being called which gives her key data on where her advertising is having the most impact and success rate.

Reach out to CDN Solutions to talk about your digital marketing spend and strategy, we are here to help and its likely much more affordable then you think.